1. Kelly in St. Helena
    August, 2014


  2. East Falmouth, MA
    Cape Cod


  3. jameschororos:

    Katie in Brooklyn

    another one from the set of portraits I’ve been helping James make at night


  4. freundevonfreunden:

    From Thought to Action: Georg Petschnigg at FiftyThree’s HQ, New York

    The tech firm FiftyThree got its name from the average arm length in centimeters which metaphorically identifies with the distance from thought to action. 

    We meet Georg Petschnigg, one of the firm’s founders, inside their New York headquarters to discuss the revolution brought on by the award-winning app and tool, Paper and Pencil.

    Follow us as we pick Georg’s brain on Freunde von Freunden.

    Thank you James Chororos.

    This portrait is part of our series with Vitra. Discover all the stylistic details of FiftyThree’s HQ in Vitra Magazine.

    From I photo shoot I recently produced with James and Amy Cao for FiftyThree


  5. jameschororos:

    I worked on the promotional still photography for Actor Seeks Role, a film starring Alex Karpovsky and Dylan Baker. Great story written/directed by Michael TyburskiProduction wrapped this weekend. 

    Here are a few behind the scenes snaps from our first day. Much more to follow and all the stills when the film’s released. 

    a few BTS images from the latest short film I helped produce





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  12. tribecafilm:

    Sharon’s Shorts: ‘Epilogue’ By Dylan Allen

    We’re featured on Tribeca Film’s site this week


  13. jameschororos:

    Katie in Brooklyn, shot back in May. 

    Another photo from a series I’m currently making with James


  14. Anonymous said: Has anyone ever told you that you almost have the same name as the guy from "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"

    I’ve told myself that many times.