3. tribecafilm:

    Sharon’s Shorts: ‘Epilogue’ By Dylan Allen

    We’re featured on Tribeca Film’s site this week


  4. jameschororos:

    Katie in Brooklyn, shot back in May. 

    Another photo from a series I’m currently making with James


  5. Anonymous said: Has anyone ever told you that you almost have the same name as the guy from "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"

    I’ve told myself that many times.




  8. theatlantic:

    What an Action Hero Does on His Day Off

    He killed the bad guy. He recovered the priceless artifact. He saved the girl. Now what? In this short film, writer and director Dylan Allen skewers the generic “happy” ending of typical big-budget blockbusters with satirical humor and a dash of ennui.

    Epilogue on The Atlantic


  9. behind-the-scenes



  11. mixtapeclubblog:

    Our Manhattan studio is all ready to go! Come visit us at 10 W 18th St. Big thanks to James Chororos and Eddy Vallante for taking these beautiful photos!


  12. vimeo:

    This is what happens after the action movie ends.


  13. tarajanedrawswithpaper:

    Premiering on Short of the Week today, go check it out!

    My short film is now live on Vimeo/Short of the Week. If you ever wanted to find out what happens at the end of an action/adventure movie, click here.

    A special thank you/shout out to tarajanedrawswithpaper for creating this clever and hilarious image for us. Made with Fifty Three’s Paper app.


  14. Lykke Li
    Chelsea Market


  15. Hotel Odéon Saint-Germain